Orchitis, Inflammation of the Testicles, Which is, What are the Symptoms

Orhitis an inflammation of testicular tissue followed by pain in the testicle, but sometimes the pain may progress to the inguinal region, perineum or lumbar region of the spine, presenting the scrotum with redness, heat and smoothing the skin. Learn what causes it and how to deal at home with the symptoms of orchitis …

What can cause orchitis?

Orchitis is male disease affecting the testis, one or two. Triggers are often different types of infectious disease viruses and bacteria. Orchitis is often present in children who have mumps (mumps), but it can occur as a complication of many diseases such as, brucella, rheumatic fever, tifuz, pneumonia and others. Orchitis can also occur as a result of damage to the testicles of various types of trauma caused by blunt blows to the testicles or from open wounds that comes to grafting of any infections. Orchitis is usually childhood disease, but can occur in adults particularly as a complication of urinary tract infections, infections of the bladder, urethra, prostate, kidney and the like. A common manifestation of orchitis in adults but also in children may be acquiring pathogenic micro-organisms due to the use of the catheter or other interventions that are made by entering the urethra.

What are the symptoms of orchitis?

There are acute, subacute and chronic manifestations of orchitis. The main symptom of orchitis is testicular pain or pain in the testicle, which can sometimes be the only symptom, and to manifest only when the testis will squeeze with your fingers. Boca often persists felt not only in the testis but as the pain that comes from the inguinal canal over the affected testicle, rarely when both are busy both testes), often felt in the area of ​​the perineum (the area between srotum and rectum) or lumbar (spinal) of the spinal column. The pain is usually followed by a general infective syndrome as easy fever , malaise, loss of appetite, lethargy, and sometimes nausea or diarrhea (diarrhea).
From physical examination, orchitis, testicular who is busy mostly increased, the dimensions can vary. Increased testicle is a very painful and the child reacts violently trying to touch. Srotum over the affected testicle, or if all are busy Reddened both testicles is usually very warm and smooth skin. This finding is usually sufficient to make the diagnosis of orchitis.

How is it treated?

The most important thing is to treat the cause of disease, to appropriate therapy according to etiology, if adequate provision bacteria to antibiotics In most cases orchitis is self-limiting illness and although to some extent, for example in mumps gives certain testicular atrophy rarely gives infertility. It is important to emphasize that cases of mumps much greater psychological fear of sterility than what actually happens, but still need regular monitoring and treatment. Orchitis, especially if it is accompanied by a very acute increased testicle or stressed increasing both testicles are in the warming of scrotum, severe pain and other acute symptoms, it is necessary to hospitalize the patient to be placed in the bed rest by putting cold compresses , giving infusion solutions, etiological treatment if required and regular monitoring.


Although it is rare however as we have said in orchitis can call one of the following complications:
  • Atrophy of testis is a complication that is observed frequently as partial atrophy of the testis and is not always followed by disruption of reproductive function testiost or testicular atrophy, testicular particular may not affect the function but has only a psychological effect on the man or the child. However complete atrophy of the testis can lead to loss of its reproductive function although this is a rare complication.
  • Abscess, some organisms in the intake and inadequate treatment of orchitis or not in most respect of tips stationary treatment with antibiotics and rest on the patient, and the involvement of the testes to a highly pathogenic bacteria may cause the creation of abscess. Abscess is a serious complication that often ends with amputation of Testino prevent the infection does not spread further. Fortunately this complication is also not common.
  •  Chronic orchitis, sometimes when orchitis is causing many acute clinical picture, or was not fully healed can pass in chronic orchitis. Chronic orchitis is inflammation of the testicles long lasting weeks or months, and makes violent symptoms. Usually no one gives a general infectious syndrome that mentioned above, and the only symptom that may indicate chronic orchitis is testicular pain, which is usually one of the two very rare, but pain occurs repeatedly, often blunt, that feels when you shake testicle between your fingers.


When diagnosis is made measuring the testicle, testicular ultrasound and sometimes require biopsy of the testicle. Review of testicular is recommended as routine in some diseases which are often accompanied by orchitis such as parotitis. Every male child who is affected by the mumps virus is required to be inspected testicles because of parotitis is a viral disease that usually do orchitis or epididymis-orchitis (when coupled with inflammation of the testicles go and epididymitis). Fortunately vaccination onset of mumps is rare. It is important to note that there are many other diseases and conditions that can cause orchitis and the same though rarely leaves serious consequences must be taken and adequately treated.
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