"Anything is possible."

Imagine you feel the call to travel around the world. You tell a colleague and all she can think of is the disease and crime in other countries.
Instead of trying to convince her that you’re going to be all right, I invite you to say:
“Sure, I might get sick or hurt traveling. I might also have an incredible, life-changing experience. Both are just stories about a future that doesn’t exist yet. I’m willing to take care of myself if either of those situations manifest, because the pain of not following my heart outweighs the fear of pain in the future.”
Naysayers give us an opportunity to remember that the future doesn’t exist right now. It's pure potential. When you remember that, it grounds you in the present moment and lets you listen to what your heart is telling you.
With these three spiritual comebacks, next time you encounter a naysayer or someone who is unsupportive of your work or decisions, you don't have to react, defend, or convince. You can allow yourself to see the gifts of your doubters and by doing so, develop your intuition and power to bring about the outcome you want.
If you’re ready to follow your dreams and co-create your circumstances in the face of any limits, fears, or doubts, I invite you to join me for a free training onclearing blocks and manifesting the life you desire.
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