6 Embarrassing Sex Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

Is anal sex/anal play totally unsanitary?
Not if you're sanitary about it! "Condoms will help to protect from bacteria/feces during anal sex play," Dweck says. And make sure you use a separate condom if you switch from anal to vaginal or oral sex to avoid any bacteria moving around. "I suggest condoms and plenty of lubricant during anal sex." (Build a gorgeous, sexy body with the Women's Health Big Book of Pilates.)

What exactly is squirting?
Squirting is when a woman releases fluid around the urethra, says Morse. "This release is tied to intense G-spot stimulation," she says. One thing to note is that it is not urine, though people often think it is. "It's actually very similar to male semen, minus the sperm," Morse points out. And despite what your guy might have seen in porn, it's not something that happens to all women all the time (check out more things that are only true in porn.)

What's the deal with curved penises?
Penises come in every size, shape, and color (just like vaginas!). Some curve up, down or sideways while erect. "This is very common and shouldn't be of concern unless he is experiencing pain or it interferes withsex," says Morse. "If a man's penis starts to change and gets curvier over time, he might have Peyronie's disease which can come from injuring himself during sex," (see: breaking a penis). If this is the case he should go see his doctor. Otherwise a curved penis is totally normal and might just hit you in all the right places (lucky girl).

I'm heterosexual but get turned on by girl-on-girl porn. Is that weird?

No, "it means that you're turned on by watching women have sex," simplifies Morse. "It's very common for women to be turned on by watching other women have sex in porn." It doesn't necessarily mean that you want to have sex with a woman—just like you may fantasize about sexwith a stranger with no intention of having a one night stand. Interesting, right? Check out 11 things you never knew about porn.

What do I do if his penis is uncomfortably big (or uncomfortably small)?
Just talk about it! Don't be ashamed to address sexual issues, especially if you're in pain or you're not enjoying sex. Morse assures that if he's too small and is unable to please you during intercourse, there are obviously plenty of other things he can do. "Let him know how good it feels when he uses his fingers or mouth on you, or how sexy it is to watch him tease you with his hands." So what if the guy is too big for comfort? "Use a lot of lubricant during intercourse, and go slow," says Morse. She also suggests favoring cowgirl over missionary: "The woman on top position is best because you're more in control of the motions and can slowly lower yourself down until it feels just right," she suggests. Here are some morepositions to try based on every penis size.

He's awful at oral, how do I help?
Every woman requires different types of stimulation during oral sexbecause every woman's body is different. So it's important to speak up and tell him what you like—something as simple as "slow down baby", or "a little to the left" might be all the direction he needs. "If he doesn't listen or take instructions very well, you can always show him with your fingers which areas are most sensitive along with the pressure, speed and motion you need," Morse recommends. "Then he can follow along with his tongue and improve his oral skills to your liking." Or you can send him these eight ways to spice up oral sex—we promise he'll take the hint.

Is it normal to get really wet during sex?

Yes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little liquid–or a lot, says Dweck. If you're having the opposite problem, grab some lube. Bonus:Lots of lubrication can make it even easier to orgasm.
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